Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This shit's gone too far!
 Listen,I'm all for something worth watching on the TV but this "Bike Building" BS has run it's course.It's time to get rid of the MC shows on main stream TV Sure,put something on a lesser known channel like "Cafe Racer" does on Velocity then maybe the hipster fucktards, Duck faced douches and bro guys will hopefuly forget about how "Wicked Awesome" Choppers are and go on with they're reality TV lives.

These are all my opinions and your might be different but your here reading mine and I don't give a fuck if you like them or not!

-First off,Jr's.This dude has some skills building,just not building motorcycles.Sure he has fab skills but he just doesn't do it for me.I won't say he can't build a bike just that he has never hammered out anything that I would ever care to look at let alone want to ride.On top of that if he didn't have $100,000,000 in computerized machines could he do half of what he does? Shit,he even stole that shirt logo.If he's that good go design your own.I think he would be great at building hotels in Vegas with all his themed BS.This bike was another themey crap wagon in a long line of themey crap wagons. If he once tried to build a motorcycled themed motorcycle then maybe we could see what he can do but he won't because he is so good at what he does,awesome is his theme...

-Now Sr.I bet in his day he built some ok bikes.Back when he was a ragging alcoholic I'm sure he put in plenty of time building and riding them.I mean what the hell,he's paid his dues right.Shit,He got on TV for doin this and got paid and now he's rich.Fuck motorcycles,he's got other shit to do like play with his dog or do steroids...Oh,not no more.He doesn't have to do the work anymore,he can just pay Rick and the crew.He don't even have to think up new ideas with that douche bag fuck on the computer drawing his shit out.What ever the fuck this thing is supposed to be is beyond me but it should have been ousted from this build off.If you are that afraid to show what you can do as far a s a motorcycle how the hell have you been on TV this long??

  -And Jesse. The first thing about Jesse is that he does MOST of his own build work.He has been working with metal for a long time and learned as much about forming it as anyone I've ever heard of.He does it all by eye,without computered machines and that alone will give soul to what he is doing.Something that the other two just don't seem to understand. Pretty is pretty but a bike is more that that.It needs heart and They can't fit heart in with all thet're ego.Sure,Jesse has an ego.He feels he is the best at metal but has anyone shown him up yet?He did a series of clips on youtube called "Metal Church".It wasn't on TV and a lot of people have never heard of it but any of those 6 episode,I don't think there were any more than 6,were better than any OCC episode.The fact is that Jesse get's it.He's not just some chump with tools who decided to be a bike builder.Now I'm not saying that all his bikes are for me, in fact there are plenty that I'm not into but he can build a bike. He is good at what he does and that's build bikes!

Enough said.The ending is tonight and I'm sure the vote will go to Jr. because the majority of people who are watching this are mindless idiots who think that Jr's bikes are better because of there uniqueness.A child with retardation is unique but do you want you child born that way??If half of these people rode bikes then maybe they would get it.Go ahead,vote for the chump,then maybe the people who get it will get fed up then the rating will drop,the network will disown them and they will fade away and leave motorcycles to the ones who do it right like these dudes...

It's time to make Motorcycles dangerous again!!

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