Friday, December 30, 2011

The Masshole Moto review of 2011
Most memorable memories...
-I can't say that 2011 was a bad year,not sayin it was a good one either but it will be memorable for damn sure.These are some of the highlights in no particular order of 2011 for me...

Cycle Source pics...

Found these in the Jan. issue of Cycle Source from the Indian Larry block party out in Brooklyn,NYC back in Sept of 2010. the same weekend as the Brooklyn Invitational and Dice party, Fuckin sick weekend!!
-The guys I met out there and me are standing dead center of the pic on top and my scoot got on the next page,one on top.


These next two are from the Run to the Rock on Martha's Vineyard in Aug.Gone out the last two years.More of a H.O.G. type event but it has some potential for a good time.Thanks to Katie,Tony,Arthur and Janet for bringin me to this one for the first time.
-Ended up with a trophy for best Rat in the show.

What can I say about the Greasebag 11' ,Grail from Knucklebuster did a gooood fuckin job! What a fuckin hoot this trip was.Started out on Cape,rode up the south shore with my buddy Marc into Boston just in time to meet up with Prohibited Garage's Jon-Micheal at the HoJo's.Next thing you know were heading to lunch with McGoo from Biltwell/Chop Cult and then riding out to the Hated of the World garage for a photo shoot for Chop Cult.That night was the Dice party at the Baseball Tavern,one hell of a time.Next day we all rode out to the meeting spot for the ride to N.H. Got a ride from Wayne of Acme Choppers cause I snapped my Clutch cable.Got it fixed and made camp by dark just in time for beer,pizza and strippers.Sun. was the Greasebag at Acme,sick party,good friends and quality bikes.On the ride home I had more clutch problems resulting in a 85 mile non-stop ride trough 15 miles of traffic,tolls and the tunnel in Boston minus a clutch...
-Ended up with a article on Chop Cult and a plaque from the Choppahead crew at the Greasebag.
Read more about this by searching the Greasebag on the post labels.

World of wheels

Headed to the World of Wheels,Boston earlier this year with some dudes I know.3 days of sitting in a booth drinkin beers and talkin to people,boy that sucks.Met a lot of good people and saw some old friends.Every one in our group made out with a award for they rides
We were approached by a guy who said he was diggin our bikes and asked us to come to the Laconia Biker Build off at the Lobster Pound during bike week.
-I ended up with this plaque for Best in Class for my scoot

My Girl

I still can't believe how good to me she is.All the girls I have ever been with have been about themselves in one way or another.It took a girl named Tracie from CA. to make me believe people can be good to one another.
-Thanks for being you babe,xo!

And ya,that's a full plate of ribs that she is eating in a party dress...

Northeast Motorcycle Expo Boston,MA.

Also known as the Kev-Marv Production shows.I made it up to the Boston show with the Turnup this year and had a blast. 2 days of walking right through the doors of the Seaport Expo Center with a 30 pack of High Lifes in a Cooler and sitting back in our 10'X10' display are/campsite and proceeding to get silly for 8+ hours.Met a lot of interesting peeps and had a good time.
-Thanks to Dinah for hangin out and passing off my award.Pulled 3rd place in this one for the rusty Trumpet

Lacoinia Bike Build Off...

Laconia 2011, 9 days of beer drinking,bike riding,rain soaked, mosquito ridden,chopper building,skirt watchin madness! this was one of the wildest things I have ever done.Right in the middle of bike week,right in the middle of the Lobster Pound,right in the middle of 100,000 people, buildin a bike and drinkin beer all day bullshiting with a lot of really cool people.Hey,it had it's ups and downs through out the week but it was one of those things you don't pass up and I made out fine in the end,even got a pic in Cycle Source too boot!
Full story is on here if you search the Posts...
-Got 3rd out of 4th.Hey,it ain't a loss! Made a shit load of friends too.Thanks too Rocky Road Campground everyone who stopped by.

Down at Choppahead 

Started an apprenticeship down at Choppahead.Had my hands on at least 2 bikes that have gone out the door and having a fuckin blast while doin it.One of which (green one above) went to Johnny Rioux, bass player for the Street Dogs and one good guy.
thanks a lot guys for letting fuck around in your world and play with your toys.

My Boy

What can I say,anytime with my son is the greatest gift of all!
-Thank you for helping with the bike this weekend buddy.Love you kid

Pre Laconia Bash at Gilda's

When we got the invite to head to Laconia to do the Lobster Pound Biker Build Off we realized the money to pull it off was going to be an issue.I made a few calls for help and we got some shirts made.After all the shirts sold and we raffled off our donations we had the cash to make the trip.Great party and awesome people at that one.
-Thanks too all of you that could show up and support M.M. and a huge thanks to I compute Business Service, Theory Motorcycle Products and Boston's of Plymouth for helping us out!
With out you this would have never been possible.


As all ways I love goin to L.A. My girl is from CA. and she try's to get us out there as much as possible.Since she likes goin so much I like goin because it makes her so happy,and it's fuckin cool as hell out there.We sorta have a place in San Pedro and some good friends in the area.Might even head out that way pertinently sometime...
-This year was a family reunion in Bakersfield so we drove from Pedro and had a blast.
Also thanks to Tim at Century Cycles for offering to help out with the Build Off.

*Well tomorrow night it's all over for 2011.I'm looking forward to 2012 like a lot of people I'm sure.Let's hope things pick up for all of us.

To anyone that was there along the way,to who I met or to who I may have not mentioned thanks for making it a year to remember!
Happy New Year from...

As for 2011...
Now,let's get liqueured up and laid!

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