Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Golf yesterday with Dirty
 Little Marion golf course,Nov 2nd 2010-7th hole,beer break.
 This is what happens when you drink and golf.I put this divot in swinging on that ball...
2 inches forward and 3 inches right and I might have connected.
 Great form Dirt-megert.Right after this his putter broke mid swing,God damn Phila-Pings!
(Dirty's father-in law gave him a set of Ping clubs but he used to work for an airline flying back and forth to the Philippians.In the last year almost all the logos on them have fallen off and now there breaking.We think they are imitations so we call them Phila-Pings)
 I missed that window by a foot on our second round.
I wanted to take this little fucker out for a spin

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