Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Frost
After golf a few of our buddy's showed up at the garage and wanted to go out.After a few rounds we headed out to a bar up in the bay.I followed them on the scoot and after a few miles realized I was just a bit under dressed.The temp had dropped to the 30s and with the sun down it was gettin damn near below freezing.When I left the bar at about 11 after playin pool with a bunch of fucker that were gettin pretty shady,one of them kept sayin "My ex left me for this scumbag biker.",I believe they were plannin on doin me in,I go out to find my seat was frosted over and it was real cold!
I didn't get a pic of it,I was cold and just got to gettin so here is a pic of a some girl named Jenny Frost instead.
She looks like she'd keep you warm!

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