Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dates for the "S4/Beach Bash" will be July 20-21 at "the Beachcomber" in Wellfleet,Ma. Planning on meet in Buzzards Bay at the Port O' Call about 10am for a pre-ride beer and last minute supply check but just gotta check out when they can get the place open. I personal plan on staying the night somewhere weather on the ground,beach,campground or cheap motel and hittin the beach Sunday too. Stay or go,it's up to you. *A FEW THINGS TO KNOW -It's a little over 50 miles from the Bay so fill up before heading over the bridge(s) to save a buck. -Bike parking is free at the Combahh but any other vehicles will be hit with a parkin fee. -Fires are allowed on the beach at night but sleeping there is not so either plan to get a room or campsite but the fine for sleeping there is only $50 so if you want to rick it,it's cheaper than that room! Plus if you stay up all night or have a look out... -the guy's at the Combahh said we could put any bikes still there late in the back lot as long as we have them out at an decent time in the morn so as not to block paying customers. -Some campgrounds this far out on Cape DO NOT ALLOW FIRES! And some don't allow motorcycles... -The Combahh is right at the top of the hill from the beach. Full bar/restaurant,with great seafood and raw bar plus they have bands,or at least music at night. Great summer spot. -If your up for it take 6A out with us and then R28 back the long way out through Falmouth to the Bourne bridge.The full Cape loop! -The tourist migration usually starts to leaves Cape on Sunday starting early afternoon,there are only 2 bridges So if you stay over think about it, ride skinny bars and watch for cops!

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