Sunday, April 21, 2013

I don't cater to you or anyone else...

I don't cater to you or anyone else...
Never support those who do not support you!

Lisa M. Ballard
  • Hello,

    I am the new editor for Chop Cult and we need to talk about your blog feed in our blog dump. I am from Mass and have opinions but I do not put them on blast for every one to see. Your recent posts are uncalled for and we find them offensive to say the least. Please make sure you are catering to the motorcycle industry or your blog will be deleted from the blogdump. Your titles have to be shortened and post are to be motorcycle related. Your personal rants can be on your other social media but I do not see it needed on our site. I have the new owners backing and would like to resolve this issue before just eliminating your feed.
    Thank you for your time,
    Lisa Ballard

    In response...

    Masshole Moto
    • Delete me immediately! I don't cater to anyone and if your offended then just walk away, don't tell me to change it up for you and Your "Motorcycle Only Mentality". I post what I want when I want on My blog.

      Mike Painter- Masshole Moto.

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