Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ATTN: Lucifer went down...Help!

ATTN: Lucifer went down! Help a brother out! Buy some shirts for the whole family! I know he only makes about $4 per shirt so buy a bunch! Collectors items! He is going to be stuck paying out of pocket till a settlement comes in from the guy that hit him. Texting in his car!!!! If the jerk contests the claim that could be two or three years from now before he sees a dime! His lung is collapsed and has some broken ribs and other bones.
- And please repost! 

Here's the link to the shirts
A good friend of ours in LA got hit recently from someone made an illegal turn. Doctors say he will be OK but keep him in your thoughts. Douche LaRouche MC

-I have never met these guys but I have 

talked to them on line,plus my girl is from out there so I know the area pretty good.I'd  just like to help out if I can.

Check out the shirt and help a brother out.

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