Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Bash come and gone...
So we had the bash yesterday.The turn out was pretty good and from what I'm told everyone had a good time.It started out like this...I had to be in N.B. at about 10:30 am to meet Jay at Choppahead to zip my trans back together so I head out early to start gettin ready for the shindig.I got down to Gilda's a little after 10 and set up our shit,talk to Stubbs,the man on the grills for a sec and headed south for New Bedford.
I got to the shop right on time and we got to work rippin out the junk and fixin up the rusty trump.
After a few hours of wrenchin Jay,with a little help from me had her all buttoned up and out the door,your the man Jay,you saved my ass!!
I got it locked down in the back of the pick up and headed for the highway.Half way back to town I hear a pack of bikes comin up behind me so I look back and catch Butcher Shop Dennis blowin by me with some of his buddys.I dropped in behind them and headed to Gilda's.
I got theres a few minutes late but it all worked out in the end.We sold a bunch of shirts and got to see a bunch of friends.Grail from Knucklebuster came down and hooked us up with a bunch of T's to auction off,thanks again man,Anyway,long story turned out to be a great day,good peeps,cold beers and plenty of bikes in the mix.

Thanks to everyone who came out,helped out,or just burned out!

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