Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Vanson Leathers open house
 Dennis makin a break for it.
 Another sick fuckin ride from Choppahead
 Left town at noon.Stopped in at Gilda's for a sec then headed down r6.30 feet out of Gilda's the bitch crapped out.I pushed her back into the parkin lot and after a quick ride,some tinkerin and a new batt I was able to get her running.I was gonna stick around town just to make sure but after passing the south bound highway exit I turned around and bee lined there.The shit box nearly exploded after doin rt195 all the way to Fall River at passing speed...
Broke the brake pedal foot plate in half,ripped a whole in the new exhaust pipe,the weld held but the pipe didn't and my carb all most fell off in New Bedford.
All fixed up and good now.

-Here is some vid of Dennis C. and Choppahead Jay lightin up the Parkin lot at Vanson...

Thanks to Narragansett for the free beers and to Bobby from Indian Larry Motorcycles for the shirt and swag.

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