Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Just Because...
This has been just one great ass thing after another this last fuckin week!
Keep it comin...

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Garage Issue
Got out for a ride this afternoon after the ol' lady and me got our errands done.Later in the day I stopped off at the 7-11 in town for a little gas and a coffee.I always check the rack there since they are the only ones who carry the good bike mags.The new Cycle Source(Feb. 2012) was out so I gave it a flip through.It is the Garage Builder Special Issue.I was browsing through when I noticed that my place made it in.Page 12,middle left.It's a little pic from a while back but what the hell. Thanks Chris,your the man!


Limited availability
Still have a few shirts left,
XL $20


Size matters

Monday, January 30, 2012


How I feel!


Interesting weekend
 Great Googaly Moogaly I am a fuckin mess right now.This last weekend nearly killed me.The Northeast Motorcycle Expo rolled into Boston and as usual I went with all intentions of ruining it for everyone there,well at least a few.It started out last week down at Choppahead.We were rushing to get a bike done for the show.Here at my place I was waiting on a delivery of shirts to come to try and get a few some early to make it to the show with a few bucks in my pocket.Thursday we loaded up Truths H-D in the van
and Wally crashed at the shop to be ready to head up to unload at the show.He got so drunk he slept till noon.It was pouring fuckin rain all day so I didn't get my bike loaded till almost 3 when he got here.Between the weather and the shit ass traffic we didn't get to the place till 7pm.See,thing is we had to make a second trip for two more bikes.Knowing that we weren't makin it in time we headed back to the shop to load them up and drop them in the morning early.Long story short we got shit housed till about 2 then went back to my place were we drank till 4,crashed and woke up late nearly missing the load in window all together.
 This show was so much better than R.I. One,Boston is the biggest show and Two,they had two of the guys from SOA there to sign autographs
and all that BS so of course the place was packed with horned up housewife's looking to give a blowjob out back to a actor who plays a biker on tv and  40 something year old guys out on a man date to meet they're heroes and try and get patched in.My favorite shirt was the "SOA Redwood Original/Massachusetts chapter"?!? How does that work?Anyway there were a a bunch of cool bikes at this show but unfortunately I was to hung over Saturday and too drunk Sunday to take any pics.I stole some from here and there so here they are.I'll try and get a few up later of the good stuff.

If you saw this you know,it was difficult to watch.Wally and Dinah got so cocked that they started nearly screwing on the couch at the show.I come back from the head and there is a crowd watching them and takin pics.Dave Perewitz is standing there with one of his "Hampster" club buddy's and the guy and his wife go over,sit on the couch and take a pic with them.That is the guys wife in the red pants makin out with Dinah and I think that is Wally's hand on her ass...WTF

Did I forget to mention that I got 1st place in my class by Cycle Source Magazine for the Triumph...



Rat Fuck!
Been kicked off Facebook again.This time for 7 days.There is something I would like to say to the person responsible for this BS...

-To who ever the fuck is flagging my pictures and getting me booted off Facebook I want you to know this.I will be just fine if I get kicked off of here for good,it won't ruin my life but you will always be a little rat bitch.You know down to your core you are a piece of shit and you hate yourself for it.I know I'll never find out who you are,that's fine.I'll be off doing the next thing that your jealous of and you'll be thinking up new ways to make yourself seem cool when on the inside your just afraid people will find out what you really are,just a fake piece of shit.

Thursday, January 26, 2012




This weekend...
This weekend,the 28th and 29th at the Seaport World Trade Center 

Boston,MA.We'll be there with my rusty Trumpet and a fresh batch of 

"Masshole" Shirts and shop rags...Stop by,have a beer and if you really 

want to,drop a vote.I'd love to win some undeserved cash!!!


And on the 5th day



Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ass good as it get's
I came across some good ones...and wanted to share.


Posted Image

Posted Image

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Re: Pacino.


If every blog all over the world had this GIF on it, there would be no more hunger or war.


New for the lady's
H-D introduces they're new lady's model...
Just Because...
It was real nice out today.
Summers cumin!
I think She's the one on the right...


Lucky son of a bitch
This ones for you Dirty.Give me a call,I have to measure out the back of your truck to make you that chock.

Tim Thomas, Bruins Goalie, Skips White House Visit Over Political Beliefs


Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas says he didn't attend the White House ceremony with President Barack Obama honoring the team for its 2011 Stanley Cup Championship because he believes the federal government "has grown out of control" and threatens rights and liberties.
Tim Thomas
Thomas said on his Facebook page Monday night he was exercising his rights. He said it wasn't "about politics or party," and he blames both political parties.
The veteran goaltender helped lead the Bruins to their sixth Stanley Cup and was MVP of last year's playoffs. He was among the players Obama singled out for praise during the ceremony.
The Bruins said later they're disappointed Thomas didn't attend "a great day", and his views don't reflect those of the team owners or organization.

Good for you Tim!







The State of America
Where is it going...

Sunday, January 22, 2012


 Just got this sent to me on Facebook,looks like we used to call an after school special. I so badly want to tag all the chicks I "knew" in high school or after who have gotten a hold of me when they were fighting with they're husbands or boyfriends and wanted to "hook up" for a drink,then wouldn't answer the phone when they fixed things up...
 I just came off a time out for posting "Inappropriate" pic's so I'll let it go for now.
But at someday...

You all know who you are lady's.


Pat's won that one...
Or more like The ravens didn't.I don't really ever watch Fooseball or any other sports for that matter.I used to watch the Bruins when I was younger but just not really into the "Sports" thing at all.That was a pretty good game I guess,just to bad for Baltimore they didn't have the laces out!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Gonna snow all day
Gonna wait this shit out before I get to plowin out the drive.Planning on heading out to the garage for a bit but not for a while,gotta let it warm up a bit.So until then just some inter-netting to pass the time...

bikini hot tub snow bunny2

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