Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OK,no more B.S. Back to it tomorrow!
Well after all the bull shit we had to do this week we are getting back to the garage project.Picked up some steel today and a few more parts.Tomorrow we get back to work on the frame.
Until then peace out dudes and dolls!

This just in...

Fuck you MA. DMV!

 Yesterday I got up early,left the house and set out at 6:30am and headed for my uncles place.He had asked me to take him to the Boston DMV in Chinatown first thing to beat the crowd so he could get a violation removed from his licence that he got over 12 years ago.He had done all the time needede to have this removed twice over but they were still givin him a had time.Anyway,we got there at 8am after fighting traffic for over an hour and got in line.First of all they opened the doors over 35 min late,then after an hour and a half wait we found out he had to take his car in for a test,he had a blower installed in the car,24 hour before coming but they didn't tell him that on any paper work.We decided to shoot back to town,a hour drive,to get the car tested and then flew back.Now over 3 hours later we got back to the Boston DMV. after fighting bumper to bumper traffic both ways and found 20 people ahead of us.After a few the woman he had talked to  noticed him,after getting back from her 2 hour lunch.She said she would get someone right on it.Long story short,after 4 hours he ended up getting it taken care of just as they were turning off the light for the day.All I can say is... FUCK YOU TO THE MA. DMV AND ANYONE IN CHARGE OF IT! 

...By the way,I know you saw me at the gas station on 28,you ran pretty fuckin fast too.HAHA.
 Next time Pussy.                                                                                               To W. @ c.c.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Harley-Davidson CEO First Big Ride

 Wow,is he really into his product or your money?

H-D CEO to make first ride to Sturgis ...Really? WTF!
Harley-Davidson CEO Keith Wandell will share the road for the first time with with his customers and fellow motorcycle executives this summer when Motor Company executives and employees enjoy the ride from the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee to Sturgis, S.D. for the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
The Harley-Davidson Ride to Sturgis starts in Milwaukee with Bike Night at the Harley-Davidson Museum on Thursday, August 5 then journeys through the heart of the Midwest and Black Hills stopping at eight Harley-Davidson® dealerships and landing in Sturgis on Tuesday, August 10.  MORE...
Went over to the island for the night.
 Life at sea is the life for me...Yarrr Dee Harr Harrr
Some of the ol' lady's family was out from CA. and staying on the island (Martha's Vineyard,MA.) for the night so after dropping them at the ferry I decided to blast over myself on the bike for a quick ride and a few brews.
Tracie's niece and nephews on the boat
Hayden,Wren and Chance
On my way over the fog was as thick as pea soup but it never rained.

The Trumpet locked and loaded for the cruise in the hold.
Yaarr,a scurvy dog am I.
Washed up on shore on the Vineyard around 2:30pm
The back yard of T's "sorta" aunt's place.
Found this scoot sittin right across the street from Giodano's in Oaks Bluff where we had dinner,got my fat thumb in there some how...haha
This looked like a fun island bike.Supermotard!
The next day the wind picked up nice on the way back,white caps but no fog.
The dump ducks surf the air off the boat searchin for scraps and helicopters care the rich back to the main land.
Tracie and her niece Wren on the boat headin for home.
I'd like to thank the dock crew on the Vineyard side for takin an interest in my bike and forgetting to take my tickets,I'll be using them for a return trip real soon.

I'd also like to say good luck to officer Tom who is lookin to build his own Triumph soon.Word up to mail man Mike,gimmy my job back dude,Trucker Kev,good luck on that build,and to T.J, from Boston and his BMW,see you at the H-D party in the fall...if I can.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The aftermath...
 Still burnin!
Second half of the last burn out on Sat. night at the Rocky Road party,Laconia Bike Week.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here we go again...
Laconia bike week 2010
Trev and Sue havin a blast.Andrew and Jen rippin out of the Spoke

Later @ the Broken spoke

Meghan Jade,thank you
Those pipes were red hot,this is all rubber...
Lane had his fun too,smoked his clutch in the process.
More to come,waiting on pics and vid...
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