Monday, May 31, 2010

J.L's new CX...
Wait,I've seen that somewhere before.
Remembering those who served for us
Thank you for all you have done.
Skating in Afghanistan?!? 
Of all the places in the world you would never think had a skate scene… Afghanistan has to be on top of the list. No one is 100% sure how it happened, maybe skating Santa made it through the blockade, perhaps Animal Chin made a sneak training session. We may never know how it started, but we can show you where it’s at and going.
292708 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan
292727 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan292730 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan
292740 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan
292724 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan292734 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan
292738 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan
292709 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan292723 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan
292735 thumb Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan

 Skateboarding in Afghanistan – photographs by Noah Abrams

In the summer of 2009, upon hearing of the country’s emerging skate scene, Abrams hopped on a plane (I’m sure it wasn’t quite that simple) to go and document the Afghan locals and their wooden toys. It’s actually amazing that despite being exposed to the harshest of harshness in life that a skateboarding scene has been given the breath of life. Rolling knows no boundaries. Rad!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

B.I.A.'s 20th Annual British Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet

 Left the house at 8:30am and shot across town to pick up Unc,half an hour late but the show didn't start till 10am anyway.It was a beautiful morning at about 65 degrees that was to climb into the 80's and we were headed inland.Tracie followed in the pick up to get him.We met at the 7-11 down the street to gas up.By 9am we were toolin down the highway,them following me on the bike.Stuck to around 70mph so the Trumpet didn't get to pissed off at me.About 30 miles out we stopped for a coffee break so my limbs could come un-numbed.We finished up and and headed out,making short time of the next 6 exits.Well I knew it was all going to easy when the little bitch starts buckin like a wild horse.I pulled off the next exit and that was it,she was truck bound to the show.50 miles later we got off the exit a it was right on the road we needed.100 feet from the exit was a Home Cheapo so I figured what the hell,if she'll run I ridein her in.She started on the first kick and I was off.The show was about 3 miles down the road and we had made it in 1 piece,until the ol'lady took off my bumper valance on a stump in the parking lot...Thanks hunny!

(My Trumpet in front with "Iron Butt" Billy's in the back) 

It turned out to be a good show.about 80 entries in the contest and at least 200 other bikes showed up.Found some parts I needed at the swap part of the show,like the exhaust spigot that stripped letting my pipe fall off on the way home last week,and came out with a few more goodies to boot,even got some shop sticker of my new buddy Chris.We had some burgers and dogs and found some shade after it started heating up.They had the club house for the rod and gun club open so I even pulled a cold and tasty cap'n coke,thanks Billy.The Prohibited crew showed up a little later,good to see you guy's made it this time,hahaha.Anyway we waited to the end to see who made it out with a shinny new trophy and then we headed for the coast,it gets hot in western MA.I knew I had to truck it again but still rode the filthy bitch out,on one wheel at one point bouncing off a rock nailin it across the lot while they were making the winner announcements,and back to the Home Dopeo to loader her up.Hey,they don't have to know.All in all it was a great day with a lot of really cool bikes and I'd like to thanks to Unc and Tracie for helping me out to make it there instead of being stuck out on r495 all afternoon.And to all the guys I meet today,I'll see you next week at the Star dinner! Now for the picks...

(Chris's LONNNNNG Triumph)
There were a lot more bikes I wish I got pics of but the ol'lady had the camera and did all the photoery...thanks again dear.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today we lost a legend!
Today Dennis Hopper have past.The Easy Rider director best remembered for playing whacked-out characters during an acting career that spanned six decades after a long bout with prostate cancer. He was 74.This is for you Dennis,R.I.P.
OK,fuck all the doom and gloom
It's Memorial day weekend,have some fun and enjoy it!

MMA news on loud pipes.

From Wednesday, April 21, 2010 on the MMA web-page

MMA Legislative Alert-Falmouth Noise Bylaw

Tuesday evening, April 20, approximately 85 motorcyclists packed the room at the Falmouth Recreation Center to discuss the recently passed Falmouth “Vehicle Noise” Bylaw...

Explaining how 90-16 is “subjective”, leaving too much open to interpretation, Gleason noted the recent dismissal of 25+ 90-16 citations in March 2010 for riders cited in Sterling & Princeton last July, 2009.   “When citations are dismissed and the riders are found “Not Responsible”, the town is left responsible for all court costs incurred.”...

All riders are encouraged to remain vigilant and check their local Town Meeting Warrants and notify the MMA of any issues relating to your right to ride....


Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart

Here are some interesting numbers, collected from a variety of sources, that help one to understand the volume levels of various sources and how they can affect our hearing.
Environmental Noise
Weakest sound heard 0dB
Whisper Quiet Library 30dB
Normal conversation (3-5') 60-70dB
Telephone dial tone 80dB
City Traffic (inside car) 85dB
Train whistle at 500', Truck Traffic 90dB
Subway train at 200' 95dB
Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss 90 - 95dB
Power mower at 3' 107dB
Snowmobile, Motorcycle 100dB
Power saw at 3' 110dB
Sandblasting, Loud Rock Concert 115dB
Pain begins 125dB
Pneumatic riveter at 4' 125dB
Even short term exposure can cause permanent damage - Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection 140dB
Jet engine at 100', Gun Blast 140dB
Death of hearing tissue 180dB
Loudest sound possible 194dB
OSHA Daily Permissible Noise Level Exposure
Hours per day Sound level
8 90dB
6 92dB
4 95dB
3 97dB
2 100dB
1.5 102dB
1 105dB
.5 110dB
.25 or less 115dB
Perceptions of Increases in Decibel Level
Imperceptible Change 1dB
 Barely Perceptible Change 3dB
Clearly Noticeable Change 5dB
About Twice as Loud 10dB
About Four Times as Loud 20dB
Sound Levels of Music
Normal piano practice 60 -70dB
Fortissimo Singer, 3' 70dB
Chamber music, small auditorium 75 - 85dB
Piano Fortissimo 84 - 103dB
Violin 82 - 92dB
Cello 85 -111dB
Oboe 95-112dB
Flute  92 -103dB
Piccolo 90 -106dB
Clarinet 85 - 114dB
French horn 90 - 106dB
Trombone 85 - 114dB
Tympani & bass drum 106dB
Walkman on 5/10 94dB
Symphonic music peak 120 - 137dB
Amplifier rock, 4-6' 120dB
Rock music peak 150dB
American Motorcyclist: The official website of the American Motorcyclist Association 
Massachusetts state motorcycle laws
Safety Helmet Required by law
State Funded Rider Ed Available for all eligible applicants
Eye Protection Required by law for instructional permit holders unless equipped with windscreen
Daytime Use of Headlight Modulating headlight permitted
Passenger Seat Required if carrying a passenger
Passenger Footrest Required if carrying a passenger
Passenger Age Restriction None
Helmet Speakers Prohibited to use or possess
Periodic Safety Inspection Required by law
Mirror Left(L) Right(R) One required by law
Radar Detector No Restriction
Turn Signals Required by law
Muffler Mufflers required.
Maximum Sound Level Maximum allowable A-weighted sound levels as measured from 50 feet (Chapter 90, Sec. 7T): 82dBA at 45mph or less; 86dBA over 45mph. Stationary noise levels: Motorcycles required to be registered for operation on the ways of the commonwealth shall not exceed the following noise levels when operated at 1/2 redline speed--99dBA manufactured after 1/1/86--102dBA manufactured before 1/1/86 (540 CMR 3:00)
State Insurance Requirements Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(20/40/1)
Handlebar Height Motorcycle handlebars must not rise above an operator’s shoulders when properly seated on the motorcycle. Chapter 90: Section 7J. Handlebars on motorcycles; rules and regulations; penalty Section 7J. The registrar, after a hearing, may make, amend or rescind, rules and regulations relative to handlebars on motorcycles operated in the commonwealth. A copy of such rules and regulations attested by the registrar shall be prima facie evidence that they have been made as provided by law. Whoever violates any rule or regulation made under the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than twenty-five dollars for the first offense and not more than fifty dollars for a second or subsequent offense.
Rider-Education Waiver Skill Test
Accept Motorcycle Endorsement From Other States Yes
Accept RiderEd Completion Card From Other States N/A
Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane Yes. Chapter 89: Section 4A - Driving vehicles in a single lane; motorcycles, riding and passing Section 4A. The operators of motorcycles shall not ride abreast of more than one other motorcycle, shall ride single file when passing, and shall not pass any other motor vehicle within the same lane, except another motorcycle.
Lane Splitting CHAPTER 89. LAW OF THE ROADChapter 89: Section 4A Driving vehicles in a single lane; motorcycles, riding and passing Section 4A. The operators of motorcycles shall not ride abreast of more than one other motorcycle, shall ride single file when passing, and shall not pass any other motor vehicle within the same lane, except another motorcycle.
Lemon Law Coverage Yes; Massachusetts (MA) Lemon Law - PART I. ADMINISTRATION OF THE GOVERNMENT TITLE XIV. PUBLIC WAYS AND WORKS - Chapter 90: Section 7N¼ - Express warranty by dealer of used motor vehicle; issuance; consumer's rights and remedies.
Off Road
Safety Helmet Required by law
Eye Protection Not Required
Minimum Operator Age Not permitted under age 10. Ages 10 to 14 require direct supervision of an adult.
Rider Education Certification Not Required
Operator License Not Required
Headlight Not Required
Taillight Not Required
Muffler Required by law
Maximum Sound Level 103dba measured at 20 inches
Spark Arrestor Not Required
Registration Required by law
Vehicle Title Not Required
Trails Program Not Available
Fuck you Plymouth,MA.
Well,summer is officially here.We were heading home last night early,9ish,and we got popped at a check point for "loud pipes" by some pedal cops and there "babysitter".We just ate and had a beer so I didn't lay into them to much knowing they could just as easily say I was drunk and I was no where near drunk.Then the cop tells us that they were there as a public service to stop loud cars,bikes and drunks,FUCK THAT,their there to make money!Seemed like there only service was to waste our time while the babysitter taught them how to give out tickets.This makes me laugh,I can ride down the street talking to who ever is riding next to me with out much effort but when a car wants to put there nose out to much and look like there gonna kill just us a little rev wakes them right up.Or when the soccer mom putting on her make up while she's on the phone starts to swerve it only takes a little throttle to set her strait.Sounds like the perfect level to me.
I'll fight it and I'll win but it will be a day wasted to do it.
Let me catch your ass off that Schwinn boy...
See you in court assholes!

Friday, May 28, 2010

2011 Calendars

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This Sunday!
British Iron Association Mass. Chapter’s
20th Annual British Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet

Sunday, May 30, 2010
Singletary Rod & Gun Club, Oxford, MA
10am :: $8.00 :: Kids under 12 FREE
On Sunday, May 30th, 2010, starting at 10am, the British Iron Association Mass. Chapter is pleased to invite you to attend our 20th Annual British Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet at Singletary Rod & Gun Club in Oxford, MA. All British makes and models welcome! Directions below.

  • Many trophy classes for British bikes - old and new!
  • FREE bike show entry with admission.
  • Many vendors, as well as many available vendor spaces.
  • FREE vendor admission with door prize submission ($15+ value).
  • Gobs of door prizes.
  • 50/50 raffle.
  • Live music from The Kings of Oblivion.
  • Food and refreshments available.
So come on down, enjoy the Brit bikes and fun field events, and stop by the Mass. BIA booth to join up if you haven't already!
Contact with any additional questions, or call (617) 623-0581 or (508) 995-5389.
History That Runs!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big ass Lobstah rolls!
Took the ol' lady fishin this morning but didn't catch shit,had a good friggin lunch though.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pro-Tec Pool Party 2010-Hellz ya!

I skated the old combi a few years ago and it was bad ass,I can't wait to get back out and see it all re-done.

Eastern Border BBQ,This ain't no picnic!
The boy's over at Prohibited Garage Co. have some room set up for them and there friends so I'm plannin on jumpin on board with them and head up for this one,that is unless they give me the boot...haha. See you there!
Eastern Boarder

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today's scores!
And I guess the theme is orange too.All for $15.

Matador escapes death by the skin of his teeth!

Spanish matador Julio Aparicio needed two operations after he was horrifically gored through the throat during a bullfight in Madrid.
The half-ton bull, called Opiparo, struck after Julio Aparicio lost his footing and stumbled while carrying out a pass with is red cape in a packed Las Ventas bullring.
One of the animal's horns tore into his throat and punched through the bottom of his mouth as the crowd screamed in horror at the bullfight last night.
Julio Aparicio
Impaled: Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio is gored through the throat during a packed bullfight at Las Ventas in Madrid
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